Fondazione Bonotto participates to the project Atelier in collaboration with Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa.

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For the second consecutive year, Fondazione Bonotto participates to the project Atelier in collaboration with Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa.

Thanks to this project, the assignees of BLM ateliers are going to view the important Fluxus and Concrete, Visual, Sound Poetry collection of Fondazione Bonotto.
In line with the experience of first edition, focused on Artist's Books, also this year young artists from Bevilacqua La Masa's ateliers will have to re-interprete the historical materials following their own artistic attitude.

This time the main theme is Sound Poetry, connected to the development of musical experimentations started by John Cage.
That practice has been chosen as subject because of its very strong influence on Fluxus world and textual-visual research, but also because it's the starting point for recent experimentations about relationship between word, space and sound.

Starting from March, the project is organized in dates and meetings, bringing artists strictly near the Bonotto Collection and its materials.
From May 19th, the artists from Bevilacqua La Masa ateliers will visit Fondazione Bonotto during short residence periods and they'll get access to the documentation about Sound Poetry and Fluxus music archived inside Luigi Bonotto Collection.
In that way, artists will be able to choose one object and to dialogue with it, following their own art vision.
In that context, the project will be supported by the very special collaboration with one of the main Sound Poetry protagonists: Giovanni Fontana.
Eclectic artist, poet of body and voice, interested on intermedia and synthesis, author of many essays (for example, "La Voce in movimento", 2003; "Italian Performance Art", 2015).
With him, it will take place a workshop on Sound Poetry practice, expressly ideated for artists. In June there will be a conference open to the public at Palazzetto Tito, where Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa is based.
Thereafter, suggestions adopted by Atelier's assignees will be published as artist's book, containing works in form of writing, score or visual work. This material will be the subject of an exhibition project in 2016.

The BLM artist residence program is one of the oldest programs in Europe and through the years it has been evolved. This institution is now a favorite observatory for the most interesting art experiences in Triveneto, and it's also one of the most important Italian realities involved in young artists' support.

The Atelier's purpose is the same for the two institutions, deeply bound in promoting the contemporary art thinking, also thanks to the great success of the first collaboration last year, under Artist's Books theme, concluded with the exhibition Fluxbook: from the Sixties to the Future, which had a really positive press and public response (more than 3000 visitors during less than two months).

Artists selected for Atelier BLM 2015 are:
Valentina Furian, Enej Gala, Riccardo Giacconi, Caterina Morigi, Francesco Nordio, Miriam Secco, Davide Sgambaro, Sebastiano Sofia, Matteo Stocco, Valerio Veneruso, Christian Manuel Zanon, Annalisa Zegna.


DREAM 2018

DREAM 2018

Fondazione Bonotto and Centro Pecci for a special project


Bonotto: CULTURA + IMPRESA "I protagonisti" Award 2018

Luigi Bonotto awarded for his activity as forward-looking entrepreneur

The Defense of Nature 1972-1985. Homage to Joseph Beuys

The Defense of Nature 1972-1985. Homage to Joseph Beuys

20 April - 19 August 2018. Museo del Territorio Biellese

Article by Lello Voce on Il Reportage

Article by Lello Voce on Il Reportage

Il Reportage, April 2018

Bonotto: Cultural Entrepreneurs Award 2017

Bonotto: Cultural Entrepreneurs Award 2017

rewarded for this new concept of combining art and enterprise

Conversations of

Conversations of "Score" - Study Centre on Verbo-Visual Research

3 October / 7 November / 5 December 2017 - Polo Didattico di San Basilio, Venice