Slide in B

BONOTTOEDITIONS Showroom, Milan. November 12, 2016

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On Saturday November 12, from 17 to 20 Annamaria Ajmone will "inhabit" the BONOTTOEDITIONS Showroom's spaces in the historic Palazzo Durini together with the live audio by Caned Icoda.

Slide in B is the new chapter of "Pratiche di abitazione temporanea", a project by Annamaria Ajmone which includes a series of site-specific dance performances, every time different depending on where they take place and they relate to.
"In every place I build and develop a dialogue. I start from observing and experiencing the space, through the suggestions I receive, I build a network of relationships and connections. After loosing myself in the space, I distance myself from it by leaving. I look at it from a distance and then I get closer, in order to let the space changing me and, at the same time, making me manipulating it. It is a continuous game made of references, exchanges, elements echoing and mixing together".

With Slide in B, Ajmone collaborates with Caned Icoda reconsidering and revaluing the Palazzo Durini's spaces through the dialogue between movement and sound reworking, creating an action that develops gradually, accumulating some information and erasing some others, tracing an open and changing flow where the public "read and is read."

Slide in B will be presented on the occasion of the 18th edition of DANAE FESTIVAL, multidisciplinary festival created and edited by Teatro delle Moire, dedicated to the new languages of the live performances (dance, theater and music) that supports young artists and makes a scouting work in support of emerging names, alongside to more established one. Danae always takes place in different spaces, not just in theaters, and presents performances both to be enjoyed sitting in the theater hall and other site specific projects.
Ajmone is back to DANAE FESTIVAL after the success of last edition and the the prestigious award of Danza & Danza 2015.

ANNAMARIA AJMONE, graduated as dancer at Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi di Milano, she worked for Guilherme Bothelo, Alias company (CH). She collaborates with Ariella Vidach-Aiep company and with Daniele Ninarello, Elisabetta Consonni, Santasangre, Cristina Rizzo.
In 2015 she was invited by the choreographer Virgilio Sieni to participate to the contemporary dance project L’Atlante del gesto realized and designed for the spaces of the Prada Foundation in Milan.

CANED ICODA is a multidisciplinary artist working in the field of music (with the alias of Ottaven), of performance art, design and fashion. He developed a rich authorial universe, ever changing but always instantly recognizable. He promoted the passage and circulation in Italy of different streams of artistic, stylistic and innovative minority music reseraches (remember among others Piattaforma Fantastica), through an intense list of collaborations with productive labels, non-profit spaces, collective and individual Italian and foreign artists.
Since 2003 Caned Icoda conducted a personal research on language, style and method, working with Marsèll and Marsèlleria, Live Arts Week, Plusdesign Gallery, C2C, Istituto Svizzero, Le Dictateur, Nero Magazine and several other more or less institutional situations.


Entrance from 17 to 19.30
Free entrance
The entrance and exit of the audience during the three hours of performance is free; the number of people who will assist to the performance at the same time, could have some restrictions due to the capacity of the room.
At Showroom BONOTTOEDITIONS – Via Durini 24 Milan

02 39820636

02 76340641


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