29 JULY 2023, VENICE

语 指南

Saturday 29 July 2023

Fondazione Bonotto, founded in Venice in June 2013 with the presence of Yoko Ono, in the role of exceptional godmother, celebrates its first ten years of activity with a special evening of performances inviting some of the artists with whom it collaborated during the first years of activities at an exclusive event hosted by The Venice Venice Hotel

Julien Blaine opens the evening Poet, visual and sound artist, Marseille by birth and international in spirit, from the beginning of his activity he entered a context of political and social struggle and protest which led him to develop innovative and fundamental aesthetic paths. Thanks to his famously passionate stage presence, his poetic performances are among the most influential of the 20th century

Following: the experimental and musical research duo L'Impero della Luce, composed of Johann Merrich and eeviac who boast personal collaborations with important artists: from the duo Andrigo&Aliprandi, to the master of shadow theater Beniko Tanaka, to the musicians iosonouncane and Father Murphy. L'Impero della Luce will propose a musical set based on "Calcite, Onyx, Hawaii, Tabacco", the musical piece created by modulating the magnetic fields recorded in the Bonotto Foundation

The evening is closed with the performance of Giovanni Fontana, the most important and influential contemporary sound poet, and Umberto Petrin, an internationally renowned jazz pianist, who will offer a path specifically developed for the evening, between Futurism, Dada, Epigenetic Poetry and Digital Poetry

A special tribute is dedicated to Nam June Paik with the presentation of three historic videos by the Korean artist: "Global Groove" from 1974, "Suite 212" from 1977 and "Wrap Around the World" from 1988

For the occasion, the Embassy Fondazione Bonottois presented, consisting of two suites enriched with works from the Bonotto Collection, which takes art to unexpected and surprising places. An idea that is rooted in the strong revolutionary thrust of the movements represented by the Bonotto Collection which generated new formal structures and the enjoyment of art in the 20th century

The evening's program

6.00pm - Welcome
18:30 - Julien Blaine: "Je parle ? la machine typographique” and "8 debout & 8 couch"
7.00pm - The Empire of Light: “Calcite, Onyx, Hawaii, Tobacco”
8.00pm - Giovani Fontana (Lyrics and voice) and Umberto Petrin (Piano): “Jazz Poetry and so !”
8.30pm - 10.30pm - Dining cocktail.
Led Wall (main floor) Nam June Paik: "Global Groove", 1974, "Suite 212", 1977


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