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Fondazione Bonotto joins the National social media campaign

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Fondazione Bonotto, the largest Fluxus and Experimental Poetry Collection, offer its contribution in such a difficult time for Italy.

Since the Sixties, the most avant-garde art movements have worked for a democratization and sharing of art.
Luigi Bonotto, son of his historical period, made these principles his own and digitized his huge Fluxus and Concrete, Visual, Sound and Digital Poetry Collection, in order to make it accessible to everyone. For over twenty years, Fondazione Bonotto has been working to make the largest European Collection of Fluxus, Concrete, Visual, Sound and Digital poems available online.

This approach has opened up new possibilities to the Fondazione Bonotto in recent years such as the development of a Virtual Tour of the spaces of Casa Bonotto in 2017. A virtual tour to discover a visionary space in which in the same physical space, art and industrial production influence each other in a continuous exchange.

A Catalog app to listen to over 5 hours of Sound Poetry produced for the exhibition La Voix Libérée - Poésie Sonore held at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, in the spring of 2019.

In this difficult period, Fondazione Bonotto joins the campaign #stayhome and relaunches these online resources:

- The Luigi Bonotto Collection
Free consultation of the entire collection with over 16,000 documents including works, editions, audio and video

- Virtual tour of Casa Bonotto
The Collection is located within the 20,000 meters of Bonotto Spa (offices, production lines, warehouses) creating a
unique conceptual and physical link between art and industry

- La Voix Libérée APP
The catalog of the exhibition "La Voix Liberée - Poésie Sonore", Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2019) contains over five hours of
all the audio on show. Download the application on GooglePlay play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.fondazionebonotto.voix&fbclid=IwAR1jIUgVqCRaa1-jlceRLbPDploV9tIfA6KYkz9zJ9uBYf-CnJ8-BpDQNnA or Apple Store apps.apple.com/it/app/la-voix-lib%C3%A9r%C3%A9e-po%C3%A9sie-sonore/id1450822576

Excerpt from the interview with Patrizio Peterlini, Director of Fondazione Bonotto
by Silvia Conta (Exibart)

Can you briefly remind us of the Foundation's mission?

«Fondazione Bonotto was born to promote and enhance the Luigi Bonotto Bonotto Collection of Fluxus and Concrete, Visual, Sound and Digital Poetry [...]. The other major objective of Fondazione Bonotto is to spread a dialogue between art and industry that is fundamentally non-utilitarian, non-instrumental. Unlinked from the investment dynamics that characterize the world of contemporary art. An approach that focuses on art as a joyful encounter with the new and the unexpected, immoderate, unnecessary, festive, social."

In this particular historical situation, numerous online initiatives are flourishing by museums, cultural institutions, galleries, etc., while others have been available for some time and the general public is discovering them now. For many years, Fondazione Bonotto has made thousands of documents available online. Can you remind us the steps of this initiative?

"For Luigi Bonotto and his artist friends it has always been important to make art accessible to everyone. Many of them have worked openly against the art system, against galleries, museums, bringing art to unusual places or on the streets. The idea of ​​using the internet for the massive and democratic diffusion of art is part of this idea [...]."

Fondazione Bonotto chooses to remember its online resources on March 21, a date that marks a year since the opening of the exhibition in Palais de Tokyo, Paris, and which coincides with the World Poetry Day. Can you tell us about this connection?

"Poetry and art make us human because they release communication from its utilitarian ends. Transform communication into something different [...]. I believe that in this difficult moment, poetry and art can help us. They are a great resource. For this reason I decided to launch this initiative for the World Poetry Day, which is also the first day of spring: to give a signal of rebirth, of hope."


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