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Collezione da Tiffany, October 20, 2023

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Collezione da Tiffany
Interview with Luigi Bonotto and Patrizio Peterlini

October 20, 2023

A stone's throw from Bassano del Grappa, more precisely among the streets of the small Venetian town of Molvena, Collezione da Tiffany met Luigi Bonotto, a long-standing entrepreneur in the textile manufacturing sector, president of the foundation of the same name and collector first and foremost of "human relationships", as he defines himself. Yes, because it is possible to say that his special collection, full of equally special objects, was born precisely from his important knowledge and acquaintances.

In this case, it is really necessary to say that the interview was the opportunity for an immersive tour in a parallel reality that has the power to imaginatively transport into the Fluxus world, among works of Concrete, Visual, Sound Poetry, a contact with the performative experience of the Seventies.

A collection that was built almost by chance, says Luigi, when following a move that required well over ten trips to transport the objects collected during meetings, exchanges and moments of friendship, we realized that it was necessary to systematize this heritage.

Patrizio Peterlini also tells us about some interesting aspects of the collection, such as the open cataloging and available to everyone online, which has allowed this collection to truly become a point of reference at an international level for the Fluxus world, because on the other hand we know: opening up knowledge allows us to deepen it more and more.

The Bonotto approach, as we can define it, is open in every aspect, even with regards to the conservation which is not always easy for objects such as those kept in the company spaces. This is also why we preferred to focus on the direct relationship with the object, which every visitor or scholar can develop by observing one of the works.

In conclusion it can be said that Luigi Bonotto is and was a collector, who throughout his life tried to bring art and business together with the aim of developing a new type of approach and reasoning that brought together contemporary culture with entrepreneurial activity. But this is not to confuse artistic activity and production. The artist never became the designer for Bonotto's fabrics.

Like all the stories of those who have lived a life full of exchanges, it is truly beautiful to listen to him tell the story of the genesis of a collection that today represents an important piece of the history of contemporary art.


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