Moorman, Charlotte / Paik, Nam June and Jud Yalkut

Performance (42 work / s)


Code FXC0716   Performance Collective

Program Notes


1. "Read my letter on both side"
    a. Copy of the letter by N.J. Paik, 14 November 1967
        Printed paper, 29 x 21 cm.
    b. Two b/w photos of the "Action music" by N.J. Paik
        28 x 21.8 cm. each
2. Program notes for films by Jud Yalkut
     in cooperation with N. J. Paik, Ch. Moorman

     Printed black offset on yellow paper, pp. 3

1-2: Part of "Aspen no. 6A - Manipulations"  No. 0100S

3. "Soft transformations"
    Length: 3'52''
    Downloaded on web

1a. "Read my letter on both side"

1a. "Read my letter on both side"

1b. photo

1B. photo

2. Program notes

2 Program notes

2. Program notes