Beuys, Joseph / Paik, Nam June

Performance (42 work / s)


Code FXCM0057 1/2   Video Collective / Performance Collective

In Memoriam George Maciunas: Klavierduett


Concert realized during the Fluxus-Soirée at
Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf, July 7, 1978
Event curated by Galerie René Block
Performed by Joseph Beuys and Nam June Paik

1. Photographic documentation, 1978
    B/w photos by Hans Hermann
2. Video documentation, 1978
a. DVD
    Length: 64'43"
b. Excerpt from "The Misfits. 30 years of Fluxus", No. FXCM0338
    VHS videotape

See also Audio, No. FXCM0760

Bibl.:"Nam June Paik. Beuys Vox 1961-68", exhibition catalogue, Seoul 1989, p.55 ; "Vinyl records and covers by artists", exhibition catalogue, Bremen, Barcelona 2005, p.103

1. Photo

1. Photo

2a. Video

2b. Video