Filliou, Robert / Maciunas, George / Patterson, Ben

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Sneak Preview. Fluxus - Happenings, Environments, Poèmes, Danses, Compositions


Programme for "Street Performances", July 3, 1962
by "Galerie Ursula Girardon", Paris
Lay-out by G. Maciunas
Printed in black lithograph on brown tick wrapping paper,
20.3 x 47 cm. with some original autobiographical
corrections by R. Filliou in red ink
Folded (for mailing) as issued
Sealed on the overlap of the paper-sheet with
a rubber stamp imprint of R. Filliou
"Couvre-chef(s)d'oeuvres - Galerie Légitime"
Artistic organisers: R. Filliou and B. Patterson
The diagram is a schematic map of various
locations for the events and a small show by B. Patterson
Folder signed by Ben Patterson

Also they performed some short pieces and compositions by:
G. Brecht (Comb Music - Drip Music) ;
J. Cage (Music for Marrying Maiden) ;
R. Filliou (Le Voyage de la Galerie Legitime, an auction) ;
D. Higgins (Requiem for March 17, 1848 -
Symphony No.3 - Constellation No.4) ;
T. Ichiyanagi (Music for Piano No.7 and stanzas) ;
A. Kaprow (Stockroom) ;
T. Kosugi (Micro No.1) ;
G. Maciunas (Solo for Lips and Microphone) ;
J. MacLow (Leters for Iris Numbers+For Silence) ;
S. Morris (Dance Constructions) ;
R. Maxfield (Pastoral Symphony+Night Music) ;
B. Patterson (Paper Piece - Variations for Contrabas - Cinq Billards) ;
Y. Tone (Costumes) ; L.M. Young (Compositions 1960 No.4) ; etc.

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Exh.: 2015, Rome ; 2019, London.

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