Corner, Philip / Patterson, Ben / Vautier, Ben and others

Announcement (243 work / s)


Code FXC0533 1/8   Announcement Collective

Creative R'evolution. 50 Years of Fluxus from the Archivio Bonotto


Three-ring binders with documentation
of the exhibition and performances
Organized in the occasion of "Bread & Butter", Barcelona

First ring binder contains:
1. Catalogue
   Texts by C. Seganfreddo and T. Kellein
   Two brochures, color printed on
   both sides, 62 x 37 cm.
   One signed by the artists: P. Corner,
   B. Patterson and B.Vautier

2. Invitation card
    Colours printed on beige cardboard, 14.5 x 14.5 cm.
3. Press release and booklet, "I am your guide"
4. Correspondence by the artists with L. Bonotto
    with indications for the performances  
5. Annotations for the vernissage by L. Bonotto
6. Project of exhibition
7. DVD with Fluxus performances selection and DVD posters
    of J. Beuys from Archivio Bonotto for exhibition
8. Photographic documentation of preparation and vernissage:
  a. 21 photos taken by R. Marnika
  b. Photos published in web by exhibition promoters
  c. Photos by exhibition promoters included in three DVD
  d. Slide show by Viola Giaretta with music by P. Corner, DVD
B. Vautier at work on various garments, realised for the exhibition
Photos of shouting taken by François Fernandez
Included in CD, No. FXPH0691-3

Second ring binder contains:    
Photographic documentation of the performances:
- P. Corner, "Public Flux a life art rectification"
  "Listening Lecture", No. FX1414
  "Time-limit carrot chew", No. FXM0197-7ab
- B. Patterson, "Nano Fluxus...", No. FXPH0049-a
- G. Brecht, "Piano piece #2", No. FXM0485-4
  "Drip music", No. FXM0415-12
- N. J. Paik, "One for violin", No. FXM0408-7
- D. Higgins, "Danger Music #17", No. FXM0142-3

Third ring binder contains:
- B. Patterson, B. Vautier and P. Corner,
  "Bread & Butter for Luigi", No. FXM0368
See also document No. FXPH0691
Photographic documentation and slide show DVD by Viola Giaretta

Colored photo by the exhibition "Creative R'Evolution"
- contained in "Re-edition's Project: Fluxus", No. FXC0590-1b

See also "Textile: T-Shirts", No. 1299E and
"Re-edition's Project: Fluxus", No. FXC0590-1b