Roth, Dieter / Williams, Emmett

Artist's book (30 work / s)


Code FXC0216   Artist's book Collective

Noch mehr Scheisse / The book of Thorn & Eth


Published by H. J. Mayer, Stuttgart
pp. 99, 22.5 x 15 cm.
Signed and numbered 199/500

Containing two texts:
-  Noch mehr Scheisse. Eine Nachlese, by D. Roth
    pp. 5-44
-  The book of Thorn & Eth, being footnotes
    to "Sweethearts" and other things
, by E. Williams
    pp. 47-99

Bibl.: E. Williams,"Selected shorter poems 1950-1970", Stuttgard, 1978, pp. 283-335; "Dieter Roth. Pages", Published by FLAT, Edited by Elena Volpato, 2018, p. 99.


Noch mehr Scheisse - title page

first page

The book of Thorn & Eth - title page

first page