Brecht, George / Filliou, Robert / Higgins, Dick / Saito, Takako

Artist's book (30 work / s)


Code FXC0549 1/3   Artist's book Collective

Hsin Hsin Ming by Seng Ts'an (1980)


1. Audio
    Reading of the poem by G. Brecht, R. Filliou and A. Fabri
    a. Extracts by "Riverrun..." 1999, No. FXCM0107
        Length: 2'38"
    b. Integral reading extract from album
        "Fluxus" 2001, No. FXCM0194
        Length: 30'50"
2. Artist's books
    a. Facsimile re-edition
        Published by Editions Lebeer Hossmann,
        Bruxelles & Hamburg, 1984
        English by G. Brecht,
        German by Albrecht Fabri  
        French by R. Filliou
        Calligraphy by T. Saito
        pp. 74, 11 x 16.5 cm.
        Numbered 7/500
        An excerpt contained also in "Re-edition's Project: Fluxus", No. FXC0590
         Original edition published by Editions Lebeer Hossmann, 1980

    b. "The autobiography of the moon &
         Hsin-Hsin-Ming", 1991
         Published by Generator Press, Mentor
         pp. 44, 21.5 x 14 cm.
         Edited and signed by D. Higgins
         ISBN 0 945112 13 0
         The books are based on one of the great poetic and philosophical
           texts of Zen Buddhism, the "Hsin Hsin Ming" as written down by
           its third Chinese patriarch, Seng T' San

3. Video
    Documentation of the reading performed during
    the concert "Fluxus Trial. Destructive performances
    for piano & computer" 2001, No. FXM0381

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