Blaine, Julien / Lora Totino, Arrigo / Niccolai, Giulia / Spatola, Adriano

Audio (108 work / s)


Code PVCM1240   Audio Collective

Breathing space 79


Published by Watershed Tapes
Edited by P. Vangelisti
Cardboard box, 18.5 x 11 cm.
containing two audio tapes

Audio program notes:

a. Audiotape 1
    Side A
   - Arrigo Lora-Totino, "To be or not to be" No. PVM1243
   - Carl Stone, "A Tip"
   - Jim Roche, "Cadillac"
   - Larry Wendt, "Elegy For F.T. Marinetti"
   - Co-Accident, "Weather maps"
   - Paul Vangelisti, "Urestricted Immigration"
     Length: 28'24"
    Side B
   - Adriano Spatola & F. Tiziano, "Al Capone Poem" No. PVM1244
   - Dominic Alleluia, "Dab"
   - Futurist Octed Sampler (1910-1920)
   - Audio Players, "Disconcerted States Of Mind"
   - Audio Players, "To Understand Weeping"
   - Audio Players, "Colors"
   - Marina La Palma, "Insect Grammar"
   - Bob Davis, "Tam Lin"
     Length: 28'00"

b. Audiotape 2
    Side A
  - Lily Greenham, "7 Consonants in space"
  - Donna Henes, "Roll'Em on, honey"
  - Lawrence Kucharz, "Canal Street"
  - Giulia Niccolai, "Airport terminal conversations" No. PVM0054
  - Audio Players, "5 to 7 minutes"
    Length: 28'34"
    Side B
   - Tony Gnazzo, "Begin again"
   - Co-Accident, "Click Poem"
   - Milli Grafi, " Sun and Sounds"
   - Julien Blaine, "Instruments Buccaux" No. PVM1246
   - William Moylan, "Celan Translation"
   - Larry Wendt, "Instant memory for Giordana Bruno"
     Length: 27'55"

a. Side A

a. Side B

b. Side A

b. Side B