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The Dial-A-Poem Poets


Published by Giorno Poetry Systems, New York
Two 12'' vinyl records

Audio program notes:

Record 1
  Side 1

  - A. Ginsberg, "Vajra Mantra"
    Recorded at Western Illinois University, April 15, 1972
  - D. Di Prima, "Revolutionary Letters Nos. 7, 13, 16, 49"
    Recorded at GPS, New York, March 21, 1969
  - W. Burroughs, "The Wild Boys" (excerpts)
    Recorded at Duke Street, London, Nov. 19, 1971
  - A. Waldman, "Pressure, Holy City"
    Recorded at GPS, New York, June 9, 1972
  - J. Giorno, "Vajra Kisses"  No. PVM0287
    Recorded at GPS, New York, Aug. 9, 1972
  Total length: 27'39"
  Side 2
  - E. Williams, "Duet"  No. FXM0727
    Recorded at GPS, New York, December 1968
  - E. Sanders, "Cemetery Hill"
    Recorded at Berkeley Poetry Concerence, July 19, 1965
  - T. Mead, "Motorcycles"
    Recorded at GPS, New York, Jan. 1969
  - A. Ginsberg, "Green Automobile 1953"
    Recorded at Sacramento State Collage, April 23, 1971
  - R. Creeley, "The Messenger for Allen Ginsberg, I Know a Man"
    Recorded at Bolinas, July 1971
  - H.Schiff, "Poems"
    Recorded at 98 Greene Street Loft, New York, Apr. 4 1972
  - L. Kandel "Kali"
    Recorded at Berkeley Poetry Conference, July 19, 1965
  - A. Saroyan "Not a cricket"
    Recorded at GPS, New York, February 1969
  - P. Whalen, "Scenes of Life at the Capitol" (excerpts)
    Recorded at YMHA Poetry Center, New York, Nov. 15, 1971
  - T. Berrigan, "The Sonnets" (excerpts)
    Recorded at Berkeley Poetry Conference, July 19, 1965
  Total length: 27'00"

Record 2
Side 3

  - F. O'Hara, "Ode to Joy, to hell with it"
    Recorded in New York, Sept. 1963
  - J. Brainard, "I Remember" (excerpts)
    Recorded at Calais, July 1970
  - C. Coolidge, "Small Inventions: Suite V, Suite IV"
    Recorded at Mills College, Jan. 1969
  - J. Carroll, "The Basketball Diaries" (excerpts)
    Recorded at GPS, New York, March 1969
  - J. Cage,
    "Mushroom Haiku"  No. FXM0692
    Recorded at St. Mark's Church, New York, April 1972
    Lecture of an excerpt from "Silence"  No. FX1339
    Recorded at Carbondale, March 1970
  - B. Mayer, "These stories about after the revolution"
    Recorded in New York, Sept. 1970
  - M. Brownstein, "Geography"
    Recorded at GPS, New York, Nov. 1970
  Total length: 28'02"
  Side 4
  - B. Gysin, "I Am That I Am", No. PVM0288
    Recorded at BBC, London, 1958
  - J. Sinclair, "The Destruction Of America"
    Recorded at Berkeley Poetry Conference, July 9, 1965
  - A. Waldman, "How the Sestina (Yawn) Works"
    Recorded at GPS, New York, June 9, 1972
  - H. Williams "I will not pay taxes until"
    Recorded at GPS, New York, March 1969
  - D. Henderson "The Louisiana Weekly No.1,
    Ruckus Poem Part 1"
    Recorded at GPS, New York, Dec. 1968
  - B. Seale, "Fillmore East speech" (excerpts)
    Recorded in New York, May 20, 1968
  - K. Cleaver, "Fillmore East speech"
    Recorded in New York, May 20, 1968
  - A. Ginsberg "Blake song: Merrily we welcome in the year"
    Recorded at Corning Community College, New York, Nov. 1971
  Total length: 27'10"

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