Higgins, Dick

Edition (32 work / s)

Code 0676E   Edition

Ode to London


Published by the artist
Serigraphy on vinyl paper, 27.5 x 17.5 cm.
Signed and unnumbered

Part of the "Ring Binder. Dick Higgins-Ephemera", No. FX0189

Included in "The Letter Edget in Black"
(but with my own typography):
"To me at the time the piece was a game of
reassigning new meanings to old labels.
But see how time changes meanings!
Today this piece seems relevant when our politicians
so cleverly name an anti-environmental lobby and group
"Wise Use" and that kind of thing.
The process is, of course, world-wide and I think
this poem has now become a political one."(D.H.)