Higgins, Dick

Edition (32 work / s)

Code 1266E   Edition

The Fnowflakes of Giordano Bruno


Published by the artist
Christmas card, folder, 34.2 x 15.2 cm.
Signed and unnumbered

Part of the "Ring Binder. Dick Higgins-Ephemera", No. FX0189

"My interest in Giordano Bruno goes back to the mid-1970's, when I became aware of his role in the developing of the concept of intermedia. But I also became interested in the intrinsic qualities of his thought. In 1977 I wrote two poems, this and "morning song of jordan brown", each of which use at least three of his major ideas. This one, which focuses on his cosmology as found in his epic poem "De Immenso et Innumerabilis...", was first printed as a Christmas Card in 1977." (D.H.)

Bibl.: D. Higgins, "Bio/Bibliography", Barrytown, NY 1992, p. 3.