Patterson, Ben

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Code FXPH1601   Performance

Lick Piece (1961) - Tristan and Isolde (1993)


Photos and video documentation

1. "Lick Piece" - Original version, realized at:

a. 359 Canal Street, New York, May 9, 1964
    B/w photo on cardboard
    in two sizes: 48 x 68 cm, 45 x 32 cm.
    Re-printed by M. Bozzetto, 2006
    Each signed by B. Patterson
    One photo on oilcloth, 225 x 113 cm.
    Signed by the artist
    Performers: L. Eisenhauer, B. Patterson, R. Watts
    B/w photo by P. Moore. Reprint by M. Bozzetto, 2006

b. Bassano del Grappa, 2011
    Ben signing his work
    Archived in ring binder "photographic documentation"
c. "Flux for M.A.X.", Chiasso, 2012 No. FXC1269
     Photo by A. Guzzetti
    Archived in ring binder "photographic documentation"
d. "Fluxus Dinner. Cult Club", Amsterdam, December 1, 2012
     Photo by An-Sofie Kesteleyn
     Archived in ring binder "photographic documentation"
e. "Hommage to Ben Patterson", CultClub, Amsterdam, June 16, 2016
     Organized by Harry Ruhé & Jeannette Dekeukeleire
     Performer:  Willem de Ridder
     Archived in ring binder "photographic documentation"

2. Lick Piece's variation - "Tristan and Isolde"
- Score
  Included in "Ben Patterson. Event Scores", No. FX1148
    Realized at:
a.  Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, November 17, 1993
     Photograhed by Morten Langkilde
b. "Eine lange Geschichte mit vielen Knoten,
    Fluxus in Deutschland", Gera
, 1995
    Photo documentation by Wolfgang Trager . No. FXC0016
    70 x 50 cm.
    Signed by W. Trager
c. "Re-Flux Festa delle Avanguardie", Asolo, 2006

See also Ben Patterson's Performances No. FX3421

Exh.: 2009, Barcelona ; 2012, Wiesbaden.

Bibl.: B. Patterson, "The Black & White File", Wiesbaden, 1999; "Creative R'evolution-50 years of Fluxus from the Archivio Bonotto", exhibition catalogue, Barcelona, 2009 ; "Fluxus At 50", exhibition catalogue, Wiesbaden 2012, p. 115 (#1) p.114 (#2) ; B. Stegmayer, "Ben Patterson. Event Scores", Bonn, 2012, p. 151; "Benjamin Patterson. Born in the State of FLUXUS/us", exhibition catalogue, Houston, 2012, p. 182; 200 (#2).

1.a New York 1964

1.a New York 1964

1.b Bassano del Grappa 2011

1.c Chiasso 2012

1.c Chiasso 2012

1.c Chiasso 2012

1.d Amsterdam 2012

1.d Amsterdam 2012

1.e Amsterdam 2016

2. score Tristan und Isolde - score

2.a Royal Danish Academy 1993

2.b Gera 1995

2.c Asolo 2006

2012, Wiesbaden