Andersen, Eric

Performance (79 Schede)


Code FX1468   Performance

Opera 4-5-6-9-10-14-17


Instructions for seven opera edited by the artist
Mimeographed sheet, 33.8 x 22 cm. Signed

- Opus 4
  "The duration of the composition..."

- Opus 5
  "a concert or a part of a concert..."

- Opus 6
  "do and/or don't do something universally..."

- Opus 9
  "the frequence a'''' is played..."

- Opus 10
  "the following frequencies..."

- Opus 14
  "announce a piece of art..."

- Opus 17
  "two performers are placed on the stage..."

Archived in the first ring binder, "Opera with title", No. FX1464