Andersen, Eric

Performance (79 Schede)


Code FX0735 1/2   Performance

Performance Prot. No.173 / Ris and No.178/Ris


Documentation of the opus realized at Galleria Unimedia, Genoa:

1. Two scores  
   Three sheets printed and signed by L. Bonotto (partecipant)
   and E. Andersen (Director), 9.7 x 21 cm.
   Archived in the second ring binder, "Opera with title", No. FX1464

2. Photographic documentation
   Two colour photos by L. Bonotto
   Artist and notary, 12 x 18.4 cm.
   Signed with dedication to Luigi
   Archived in "Photographic documentation", No. FXPH0230

1. score

2. photo

2. photo