Cage, John Milton Jr.

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Atlas Eclipticalis with Winter Music (1983)


Published by Mode, New York, 1986
Four 12'' vinyl records

Audio program notes:
Side 1, Part I (beginning)
Length: 19'58"
Side 2, Part I (continued)
Length: 19'35"
Side 3, Part I (continued)
Length: 19'19"
Side 4, Part I (conclusion)
Length: 21'14"
Side 5, Part II (beginning)
Length: 19'39"
Side 6, Part II (continued)
Length: 20'00"
Side 7, Part II (continued)
Length: 20'10"
Side 8, Part II (conclusion)
Length: 20'46"

Atlas Eclipticalis (1961) version for chamber orchestra
with Winter Music (1957) version for three pianos.
The two works are performed simultaneously.
Recorded live at the Cornish Theater of the Cornish Institute,
Seattle, Washington on December 11, 1983.