Cage, John Milton Jr. / Miller, Lejaren and Johnston, Ben

Audio (123 Schede)


Code FXCM0772   Audio Collective

HPSCHD / String Quartet No. 2


Published by Nonesuch, New York (unknow date)
12'' vinyl record

Audio program notes:

Side 1
John Cage and Lejaren Miller, "HPSCHD" (1967-1969)
for Harpsichords & Computer-Generated Sound Tapes
Performed by A. Vischer, N. Bruce, D. Tudor
Length: 21'00"

Side 2
Ben Johnston, "String Quartet No. 2" (1964)
Performed by The Composers Quartet
Length: 14'57"

Containing the computer-output sheet no.10986
with one of 10,000 different solutions of the program KNOBS
which enables the listener to perform this recording of HPSCHD