Chopin, Henri / Garnier, Ilse / Heidsieck, Bernard / and others

Audio (108 Schede)


Code PVCM5692   Audio Collective

Groundsound vol. I


Published by Second Sleep, Italy
Edited by Enzo Minarelli
Limited edition of 200 copies
Containing Vinyl 12" and insert with notes

Audio program note:

  Side A
- Ilse Garnier, "Horloge", No. PVM7782
  Length: 4'23''
- Bernard Heidsieck, "Canal Street N.3", No. PVM0666
  Length: 3'22''
- Bernard Heidsieck, "Canal Street N.9", No. PVM0667
  Length: 0'47''
- Henri Chopin, "Chercher", No. PVM0301
  Length: 7'24''
- Terry Fox, "Suono Interno"
  Length: 5'38''
- bpNichol, "I'd Love Just Once To See You In The Nude"
  Length: 3'29''

  Side B
- bpNichol, "Beach At Port Dover"
  Length: 1'34''
- António Aragão, "Povo/Ovo"
  Length: 8'47''
- Peter Finch (2) / Bob Cobbing, "Blue"
  Length: 7'28''

side a

side b