Blaine, Julien / Heidsieck, Bernard / Lebel, Jean-Jacques / Dufrene, Francois

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Polyphonix 1: Energy is eternal delight


Published by Multhipla Records, Milan, 1982
Edited by J. Blaine, F. Dufrêne, B. Heidsieck, J.J. Lebel
Co-produced by Cramps Records, Association Polyphonix,
Giorno Poetry Systems Records
12'' vinyl record

Audio program notes:

Side 1
  - T. B. Jelloun, "A l'insu du souvenir" (extract)
  - J. Blaine, "Poème sur le matérieau /
     Matérieau du poème"  No. PVM0272
  - H. Ball / E. Blum, "Karawane"
  - J. F. Bory, "Des journées entières dans les virages"  No. PVM0273
  - F. Dufrêne, "Crirythme exprès"  No. PVC1750
  - J. P. Faye, "Syeeda" (extract)
  - L. Ferlinghetti, "A Nation of Sheep"
  - A. Ginsberg, "I sing of a Mayden"
  - J. Giorno, "I don't need it, I don't want it,
     and you cheated me out of it" (extract)  No. PVM0152
  - M. Giroud, "Coyote Song" (extract)
  - B. Gysin, "Poets Stink"  No. PVM0274
  - J. Hubaut / Rhizotomes, "Mix-K-K-Epidemiak" (extract)
  - N. Balestrini / V. Magli, "Oh! comme elle est belle
     mademoiselle Richmond" (extract)  No. PVM0275
  - C. Costa, "Volubile volatile"  No. PVM0276
Total length: 25'24"

Side 2
  - B. Heidsieck, "Sisyphe"  No. PVM0363
  - D. Karam, "Tentation" (extract)
  - J. J. Lebel / Texture, "P.o.e.m.e. t.r.o.u.v.e" (extract)
  - G. Luca, "A la Santé du Mort"
  - A. P. de Mandiargues, "Le lièvre de la lune"
  - T. Mead, "Anonymous Diary of a New York Youth" (extract)
  - M. Metail, "Porte à Porte" (extract)
  - A. Neveu, "Delvie apocalyptique"
  - P. Orlovsky, "Good fuck with Denise"
  - J. Rothenberg, "Glass Tube Ecstasy for Hugo Ball"
  - M. Roche, "Portait de l'Artiste"
  - Sahli, "Sans titre"
Total length: 26'14"

Sound-poetry anthology including performances from
Polyphonix festivals in 1979, 1980, 1981

See also Document, No. FXCM0206

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