Corner, Philip

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Code FXCM0023   Audio

Metal Meditations (1974)


1. Published by Alga Marghen, Milan, 1981
    Producer E. Carcano with the collaboration by F. Conz
    12'' vinyl record

     Audio program notes:
a. "Metal Meditation" recorded at M. Cunningham Studio
     New York and Cavriago, Italy
     Signed on cover
b. "Metal Meditation" recorded at Ch. Morrow Studio
     New York and Cambridge, MA
     Cover: concept and layout by the artist
     Signed and dedicated to Luigi

2. Published by New Wilderness Audiographics, NY, 1981
    Audiotape no. FXM0631

    Audio program notes:
a. "Metal meditations". Recorded at The Kitchen
b. "With fontana". Recorded at Elaine Summers'
     Experimental Intermedia Foundation
     Cover: Photography by E. Speight
     Length: 62'40"

Included in:

3. "Mob Shop. The Audio Events", 1981, No. FXCM0459
     Performed by Mob Shop Artists
     Audio CD

4. "Gong+", 2002, No. FXCM0185-a
     Audio CD

See also Edition No. 0342E
and Performance No. FX1633

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