Corner, Philip

Audio (76 Schede)


Code FXM0934   Audio

Piano Realitys


Published by Imminent Frequencies
Audio tape

Audio program notes:

Side A
1. "River Song 1"
2. "River Song 2"
3. "River Song 3"
4. "Elementals"
    Length: 25'05"

Side B
1. "Car Passing, Country Road in Maine"
2. "City Bird"
3. "RR Crossing"
4. "3 Gears of a Truck on 96th St"
5. "Near Miss"
6. "Chopin Prelude II"
7. "Walz"
    Length: 21'11"

Signed on inner audiotape's part
Recorded at Carnegie Recital Hall, New York in the late 70's.


Side A

Side B