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Code FXCM0332   Document Collective

Hotel Aicha: video publications


Videos edited and published by Berty Skuber, Hotel Aicha Video, Bolzano

- Gong Ear, 1992
  a portrait by P. Corner, No. FXM0195
- Sieben Farbräume, 1996
  by B. Skuber and P. Corner, No. FXCM0441
- An Indian Moon, 1994
  a portrait of A. Knowles, No. FXM0033
- Throw a stone in the water, 1994
  a portrait of G. Hendricks, No. FXM0096
- Only friends have friends, 1994
  a portrait of B. Patterson, No. FXM0120
- Name and place of birth, 1992-98
  No. FXCM0110
- Ear body, 1999
  P. Corner and P. Neville, part of series No. FXCPH0548-3

VHS videotape and DVD

Hotel Aicha

"Gong Ear"

"Sieben Farbräume"

"An Indian Moon, 1994 a portrait of A. Knowles"

"Name and..."

"Ear body"

"Only friends have friends, 1994 a portrait of B. Patterson"