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Special Box for Luigi Bonotto by Petra Stegmann


Published by Petra Stegmann
Black cardboard box, 44.5 x 32 x 5.5 cm.
Containing documentations from various
Fluxus events

List of contents:

1. Fluxus East - Oslo, October 2010
    Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, No. FXC1702
  - Invitation card
  - Exposition flyer
  - Photographic documentation

2. Fluxus Today / Fluxus Heute conference
    Akademie der Künste, Berlin
    Fluxed Up performance
    Schau Fenster - Raum für Kunst, Berlin, No. FXC1704    
  - Poster
  - Photographic documentation
  - Willem De Ridder's performance relics

3. "The lunatics are on the loose..."
    European Fluxus Events 1962-1977

    Akademie der Künste and others, No. FXC1705
  - Catalogue
  - Map of European Fluxus Festivals 1962-1977  
  - Poster
  - Invitation flyer
  - Invitation card
  - Photographic documentation
  - Press review and press release

4. Benjamin Patterson - Sneak Review
    Schau Fenster - Raum für Kunst, Berlin, No. FXC1706
  - Catalogue signed and dedicated to Luigi Bonotto by Ben Patterson
  - Invitation card
  - Performance relics from Ben Patterson's "Dr Ben's Medicine Show"
  - Performance relic from Mieko Shiomi's "Disappearing Music for Face"
  - Photographic documentation

See also: "Fluxus East Box" No. FXC1688

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