Periodical (286 Schede)


Code PVC0132   Periodical Collective

Brio Cell IV. Mutathyst/léma débris I

Art Magazine founded and directed by Jurgen O. Lehmus
Published by Cyanobacteria, Esbo
Paper folder containing several originals
bound with thin rope, 30 x 22 cm.
Numbered 4/20

Containing works by:
- Sergio Cena and Arrigo Lora Totino
- Corpà
- Guillermo Deisler
- David Dellafiora
- Devis G.
- Ornella Garbin
- Dick Higgins
- Jurgen O. Lehmus
- Georg Lipinsky
- Patrick Mullins
- Jurgen O Olbrich
- Geza Perneczky
- Klus Rupp
- Serge Segay
Reid Wood