Periodical (335 Schede)


Code PVC2024   Periodical Collective



Poetry magazine founded, directed
and published by Guy Schraenen, Antwerpen
Cardboard folder, 21.5 x 30 cm.
containing free sheets with several interventions
by different techniques and supports.

1. Axe 1, April 1975
    Interventions by: Roy Adzak, Dogottex, Henri
    Chopin ("Air Vibratoire" No. PV2025),
    Brion Gysin ("Where is that world", "in the
    beginning was the word", "In a palace, in a
    palace, spoon, spoon, spoon" No. PV2026)
    L.J.P. Schelfhout, Ung No Lee, Eduard Bal,
    Guy Schraenen, Bernard Heidsieck ("Notes
    Convergentes" No. PV2027/1) Bram Bogart,
    Mirtha Dermisache, Nikpo Van Daele, Paul
    Van Ostaijen.
    Numbered 15/130
    The cover is a folded poster by Degottex
    Printed on light cardboard. 59 x 85 cm. (open)

2. Axe 2, November 1975
    Interventions by: René Guitte, Plessi, Esmeraldo,
    François Dufrene, Brion Gysin("Where is that world",
    "in the beginning was the word", "In a palace, in a
    palace, spoon, spoon, spoon" No. PV2026),
    Hugo De Clercq, Antoine De Bary, Maurice
    Benhamou, Bernard Heidsieck ("Notes
    Convergentes" No. PV2027/2)
    Numbered 21/130
    Cover by René Guitte

3. Axe 3, December 1976
    Interventions by: Brion Gysin ("Untitled" No. 0850E),
    Arrigo Lora Totino ("Vedo Dove No.0851E),
    Sten Hanson, Klaus Ritterbsch, Jo Delahaut,
    Françoise Mairey, John Giorno ("Shit, piss, blood,
    pus & brains" No. 0852E), Bernard Heidsieck
    ("Notes convergentes" No. PV2027/3)
    Numbered 25/130
    Cover by Brion Gysin

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No. 1

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