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From Something Else Press: Book Chronology


Published by "The Something Else Press", New York
Founded and directed by D. Higgins

- D. Higgins,
  "Jefferson's birthday / postface" No. FX0989

- R. Johnson,
  "The paper Snake" No. FX0990
- Al Hansen,
  "A primer of happenings & time/space art" No. FX0991
- A. Knowles, T. Schmit, B. Patterson, P. Corner,
  "The four suits" No. FXC0992
- R. Filliou,
  "Ample food for stupid thought" No. FX0993 1/2

- D. Spoerri,
  "An Anecdoted Topography of Chance" No. FX0994
- W. Vostell,
  "dé-coll/age happenings" No. FX0995
- R. Huelsenbeck,
  "Dada Almnach"
- G. Stein,
  "The making of Americans"

- E. Williams,
  "Anthology of Concrete Poetry" No. FX0996
  "Sweethearts" No. FX0997
- G. Brecht, R. Filliou,
  "Games at the cedilla..." No. FXC0998
- W. Brisbane Dick,
  "Dick's 100 Amusement"
- M. McLuhan,
  "Verbi-Voco- Visual Explorations"

- M. Cunningham,
  "Changes: notes on choreography" No. FX0181
- C. Oldenburg,
  "Store days" No. FX0999
- D. Rot,
  "246 Little clouds" No. FX1000 and No. FX0509
- E. Gomringer,
  "The book ofhour and Constellations" No. PV0765
- G. Stein,
  "Geography and Plays"
- R. Krauss,
  "There's a little ambiguity over
  there among the bluebells"

- J. Cage,
  "Notations" No. FX1001
- D. Higgins,
  "foew&ombwhnw" No. FX1002
- G. Stein:
  "Lucy church Amiably"
- W. Gutman,
  "The Gutman Letter"
- H. Cowell,
  "New Musical Resources"

- W. Vostell, D. Higgins,
  "Fantastic architecture" No. FXC1003
- D. Spoerri,
  "The mythological travels..." No. FX1004
- R. Meltzer,
  "The Aesthetics of Rock"

- I. H. Finlay and G.Huntly,
  "A Sailor's Calendar"  No. PVC0766
- E. Robson,
  "Tomas Onetwo"
- B. Porter,
  "I've Left"

- J. Mac Low,
  "Stanzas for Iris Lezak" No. FX1007-2
- D. Higgins,
  "A book about love & war & death" No. FX1009
- G. Stein,
  "Matisse Picasso and Gertrude Stein"
- B. Porter,
  "Found Poems"
- T. MacLennan,
  "1 Walked out of 2 and Forgot It"
- P. Finch,
  "Typewriters Poems"

- G. Hendricks,
  "Ring piece" No. FX1008
- E. Williams,
  "A Valentine for Noel" No. FX1010
- R. Kostelanetz,
  "Break through Fictioneers"  No. PV0767
- J. Giorno,
  "Cancer in My left ball"  No. PV0768
- Br. Gysin,
  "Brion Gysin Let the Mice In"  No. PV0769
- G. Stein:
  "How to Write. Barton"
- L. Katz,
  "The making of Americans"
- Ch. McIlvaine and R.K. MacAdam,
  "One Thousand American Fungi"
- C. Scher,
  "The Ten Week Garden"

- G. Stein,
  "A Book Concluding With As A Wife Has A Cow"
- J. Herman,
  "Something Else Yearbook"
- M. Eaton,

See also Document No. FXC0486

Exh.: 2000, Bassano del Grappa; 2009, Barcelona ; 2012, Chiasso; 2015, Venice

Bibl.: "Something Else Press. An annotated bibliography by P. Frank", catalogue, 1983 ; "Creative R'evolution-50 years of Fluxus from the Archivio Bonotto", exhibition catalogue, Barcelona, 2009 ; "Fluxus. A Creative Revolution", exhibition catalogue, Chiasso, 1962-2012, p. 129



1964 - D. Higgins

1965 - R. Johnson

Al Hansen

A. Knowles, T. Schmit, B. Patterson, P. Corner

R. Filliou

1966 - D. Spoerri

W. Vostell

R. Huelsenbeck

G. Stein

1967 - E. Williams

E. Williams

G. Brecht, R. Filliou

W. B. Dick

M. McLuhan

1968 - M. Cunningham

C. Oldenburg

D. Rot

E. Gomringer

G. Stein

R. Krauss

1969 - J. Cage

D. Higgins

G. Stein

W. Gutman

H. Cowell

1970 - W. Vostell, D. Higgins

D. Spoerri

R. Meltzer

1971 - I. H. Finlay, G. Huntly

E.M. Robson

B. Porter

1972 - J. Mac Low

D. Higgins

G. Stein

B. Porter

T. MacLennan

P. Finch

1973 - G. Hendricks

E. Williams

R. Kostelanetz

J. Giorno

Br. Gysin

G. Stein

L. Katz

C. McIlvane, R.K. MacAdam

C. Scher

1974 - G. Stein

J. Herman

M.L. Eaton