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From Something Else Press: Great bear pamphlets


Booklets edited and published by Something Else Press, N.Y.
Founded and directed by D. Higgins
20 pamphlets of various artist
pp. 16, 21.5 x 14 cm. each

- A. Knowles,
   "by A. Knowles" No. FX0967
- D. Higgins,
   "A book about love & war & death..." No. FX0968
- G. Brecht,
   "Chance imagery" No. FX0969
- C. Oldenburg,
   "Injun & other histories" No. FX0970
- A. Hansen,
   "Incomplete requiem for W. C. Field" No. FX0971
- A. Kaprow,
   "Some recent happenings" No. FX0972
- D. Higgins, E. Williams,
   "Manifestos" No. FXC0973
- W. Vostell,
   "Berlin and phenomena" No. FX0974
- J. Mac Low,
   "The twin plays" No. FX0975
- J. Cage,
   " Diary..." No. FX0976
- B. af Klintberg,
   "The cursive scandinavian Salve" No. FX0977
- P. Corner,
   "Popular entertainments" No. FX0978
- R. Filliou,
   "A Filliou sampler" No. FX0979
- A. Kaprow,
   "Untitled essay and other works" No. FX0980
- D. Rot,
   "a look into the blue tide part 2" No. FX0981
- E. Williams,
   "The last french-fried..." No. FX0982
- P. Besas,
   "A Zaj sampler" No. FXC0983

See also Catalogue, No. FXC0486

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