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Aspen Magazine


Published by Aspen Communications Inc., New York
Founded and directed by Phillis Johnson

1. Aspen No. 6A, Winter 1968-1969
    Edited by J. Hendricks
    Printed envelope, designed by Raphael Ortiz, 26.7 x 19 cm.
    with several documents of different sizes about performance
    activities at Judson Gallery.
    - R. Ortiz, "Envelope"
    - L. Picard, "Peace Object"
    - G. Hendricks, "Sky/Change", No. FX1096
    - K. Millet, "No"
    - A. Kaprow, "Push and pull", No. FXPH1158
    - T.  Limura, The Diagram of Projection of "White Calligraphy"
    - K. Jacobs, "Descriptive letter of our summer in Easthampoton"
    - Al Hansen, "Viking Dada", No. FX1170
    - C. Schneemann, "Division and Rubble", No. FX1159
    - S. Rose, "Heavy Yoga"
    - R. Ortiz, "Destructions Theater Manifesto"
    - J. Toche, "Labyrinths and Psychological Stress"
    - B. Forbes-Hendricks, "Deteriorations", FX1426
    - J. Hendricks, "Some Notes"
    - N.J. Paik, Ch. Moorman, T.  Limura and others,
      program notes for "Soft Transformations", No. FXC0716
   Two copies in Collection

2. Aspen No. 8, Fall-Winter 1969
    "Art Information and science information share
    the same world and language..."

    Edited by Dan Graham
    Designed by George Maciunas
    Transparent plastic folder, 29 x 28,5 cm.
    with several documents of different sizes and materials.
    - David Antin, "3 Musics for voices"
    - T. Atkinson M. Baldwin, "Hot/Cold Book"
    - Jo Baer, "Art & Vision: Mach Bands"
    - Philip Glass, "1+1 for one player and amplified table top"
    - Jackson Mac Low, Five Turtles Asymetries"
      (with recording) No. FXCM0935
    - Robert Morris, "Los Angeles Project", No. FX3566
    - Dennis Oppenheim, "Ecologic projects"
    - Yvonne Rainer, "Three Distributions"
    - Steve Reich, "Pendulum Music"
    - Edward Ruscha, "Parking Lot"
    - Richard Serra, "Lead Shot"
    - Robert Smithson, "Strata"
    - La Monte Young, "Notes on continuous periodic composite
      sound waveform environment realizations"
      (with recording) No. FXCM0935

1. Aspen No. 6A

1. Aspen No. 6A

2. Aspen No. 8