Periodical (55 work / s)


Code FXC0475   Periodical Collective

Daily Bul #12 Qui êtes-vous ? / Who are you ?


Review published by La Louvière, Belgium
Artists were invited to send Original Contributions
as an answer to this question
The mailed drawings, collages, photos, text and projects by
G. Brecht, Christo, R. Filliou, D. Higgins, T. Saito, D. Spoerri,
B. Vautier, E. Williams, J. Cage, A. Knowles,
N. J. Paik, D. Rot and others
pp. 90, 34.5 x 22 cm.

"Qui êtes-vous ? / Who are you ?"

Ben Vautier

Ben Vautier

Gianni Bertini

G. Brecht

John Cage


Philip Corner

John Giorno

Bernard Heidsieck

Dick Higgins

Alison Knowles

Nam June Paik

Diter Rot

Takako Saito

Daniel Spoerri

Emmett Williams

Robert Filiou