Andersen, Eric

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The Crying Space (1990)


Exhibition at Emily Harvey Gallery, New York
from October 26 to December 8, 1990

1. The Crying Place
  Published by Edizioni Conz, Verona, 1991 No. PVC0267
  Audio program note:
  Side A
  Length: 32'12"
  Side B
  Length: 32'12"

2. The Crying Space
  Published by Recital Sixty Five, California
  Produced by Eric Andersen and Sean McCann, 2019
  Two Cd's
  Audio program note:
-  Disc One
  "Le Chemin Des Larmes", Galerie Donguy, Paris, 1991, No. FXM0012
  Length: 63'57''
-  Disc Two
  "The Crying Place", Emily Harvey Gallery, New York, 1990, No. FX0733
  Length: 31'32"

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Side A

Side B

2. cover

Disc one

Disc one

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