Beuys, Joseph / Friedman, Ken

Edition (42 work / s)


Code 0109S 1/2   Edition Collective

Rubber stamps


Published by A. Hundertmark, Cologne and Berlin

1. Rubber stamps
    Special edition of five couples of the two rubber stamps:
    a. "Fluxus X West", designed by Ken Friedman
    b. "Fluxus Zone West", designed by Joseph Beuys

2. Documentation
    a. From K. Friedman to H. Ruhé, pp.2
    b. Fluxus Zone West, 1972

See also "Joseph Beuys - Postcards", No. FX1556
and "Galerie und Edition A. Hundertmark", No. 0038S-5

Exh.: 2009, Barcelona ; 2012, Chiasso.

Bibl.: "Creative R'evolution-50 years of Fluxus from the Archivio Bonotto", exhibition catalogue, Barcelona, 2009 ; "Fluxus. A Creative Revolution 1962-2012", Chiasso, 2012, p. 194 (#1/2).

1. Rubber stamps

2a. document

2a. document

2b. Fluxus Zone West

2b. Fluxus Zone West