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Code FXCM0333   Video Collective

Studio Azzurro and Fondazione Mudima, video publications


Series of videos edited and published by
Studio Azzurro and Fondazione Mudima
VHS videotape

Video programme notes:

- Y. Ono, "To See the Skies", 1990, No. FXM0248
- N. J. Paik, "Colosseum T.V.", 1990, No. FXM0247
- W. Vostell, "Requiem tedesco", 1990, No. FXM0172
- M. Knizak, "Contemporary Design", 1991, No. FXM0254
- D. Spoerri, "Dalla A alla Z", 1991, No. FXM0253
- B. Vautier, "Tout et rien", 1991, No. FXM0252
- B. Patterson, "Getting Ready for...", 1992, No. FXM0121

See also: "Pianofortissimo", No. FXC1639

Y. Ono

N.J. Paik

W. Vostell

M. Knizak

D. Spoerri

B. Vautier