Paik, Nam June and others

Video (45 Schede)


Code FXC0852   Video Collective

Shame & Scandal. The taboo in the arts


Included in the book "Shame & Scandal. The taboo in the arts"
Edited by H. Ruhé and J. Dekeukeleire, 2012
Lenght: 12'13"

Program video notes:
- G. Brus, Wiener Spaziergang, 1965
- H. Kaagman & M. Thatcher, 1997
- N. J. Paik & B. Clinton, 1998
- C. Liavata, Following a white rabbit, 2005
- S. Ruitenbeek, Ancient Amateurs, 2012

contained in ring binder, vol. IV, No. FXC0830