Kosugi, Takehisa / Shiomi, Mieko / Tone, Yasunao

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Code FXCM0081   Audio Collective

Music of Group-Ongaku (1960-1961)


Published by Hear sound art library, Osaka, 1996
Audio CD

Audio program notes:
Recorded at Mizuno's house, 1960
- "Automatism"
   Length: 26'20"
- "Object"
   Length: 7'34"

Recorded at Sogetsu Kaikan hall, Tokyo, 1961
- "Metaplasm 9-15", 1961
   Length: 14'16" and 11'26"

Edited by Takako Okamoto from the original recordings
Remastered by K. Sakagami at Inoue Onkyo Kikaku and Yukio Fujimoto
Performers: T. Kosugi (violin), C. Shiomi (piano),
Y. Tone (sax, tape) and others