Ono, Yoko / Lennon, John

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Published by Apple Records, London
Cover design and photo by Yoko Ono
Layout by George Maciunas
12" vinyl record

Audio program notes:
Side A
- "Imagine"
   Written by Yoko Ono
- "Crippled inside"
- "Jealous Guy"
- "It's so hard"
- "I don't want to be a soldier"
   Length: 19'23"

Side B
- "Give me some truth"
- "Oh my love"
- "How do you sleep"
- "How?"
- "Oh Yoko!"
   Length: 19'44"

Cloud piece on cover by Yoko Ono from
"Grapefruit" paper back edition published
by Simon Shuster Oct. 1971.

Bibl.: "Imagine", L'ippocampo, Milano 2018.