Video (46 work / s)


Code FXCM0390   Video Collective

Wiesbaden Fluxus 1962


Documentation of the performances realised during the
"FLuXuS Internationale FesTsPiELe NEUEsTER MUSiK",
Wiesbaden, 1962

Video programme notes:
- G. Maciunas, "In memorium to Adriano Olivetti" No. FXM0325
- B. Patterson,"Variation on solo for double bass" No. FXM0257
- E. Williams,"Four directional songs of doubt..." No. FXM0425
- N. J. Paik, "Zen for head" No. FXM0409
- P. Corner, "Piano activities" No. FXM0392
Video cassette, VHS edited by Harlekin Art, Wiesbaden, 1992
and DVD copy

See also:
"FLuXuS Internationale FesTsPiELe NEUEsTER MUSiK", No. FX1575
and Document No. FXC9932
Video linked from Hundertmark Gallery: