Video (46 work / s)


Code FXCM0338   Video Collective

The Misfits. 30 years of Fluxus


Video cassette and DVD edited by L. Movin
Produced by Cinnamon Film
for the National Film Board of Denmark
Interviews, installations, documentation and
excerpts from the performances realised by Fluxus artists
in several demonstrations during the '60s and '90s

Video program notes
- E. Andersen, No. FX1371  
- P. Corner, No. FXM0564              
- W. de Ridder, No. FXM0599
- H. Flynt, No. FXM0547                  
- K. Friedman, No. FXM0061            
- J. Hendricks, unnumbered            
- D. Higgins, No. FXM0594    
- A. Knowles, No. FXM0595              
- J. Mac Low, No. FXM0597
- J. Mekas, No. FXM0598
- Y. Ono, No. FXM0600-9
- N. J. Paik, No. FXM0602
- B. Patterson, No. FXM0601  
- B. Vautier, No. FXM0603
- E. Williams, No. FXM0604
- L. M. Young, No. FXM0605
- J. Jones, No. FXPH0900
- G. Maciunas, No. FXM0413
- Fluxus Wiesbaden 1962, No. FXCM0390
Documentation of the performances:
- Ay-O, "Rainbow Food", 1992, No. FXCPH0020
- P. Corner, Piano activities (1962), No. FXM0392
- J. Cage, "4.33", 1970's, No. FXM0305
- A. Koepke, "Music while you work", No. 0699E
- N.J.Paik, J.Beuys, "In Memoriam...", 1978, No. FXCM0057
- N. J. Paik, "Tribute to John Cage", No. FXM0890
- B. Patterson, "Paper Piece", 1982, No. FXM0570
- Y. Tone, "Smoth Events", 1983, No. FXM0443
- B. Vautier, "Ben écrit sur le mur", 1962, No. FXM0368
  "Régardez moi, ce la suffit", 1962, No. FXM0368
- R. Watts, "F/H Trace" or "Solo for Wind...", No. FXM0342

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