Brecht, George / Higgins, Dick / Knowles, Alison / Moorman, Charlotte / Paik, Nam June / Roth, Dieter

Announcement (236 work / s)


Code FXC1591   Announcement Collective

Will / just / drink / or / perhaps / do / something / or / not


Advertising card from the manifestation at
Museum College of Art, Philadelphia
Black offset on white card, 3.1 x 8 cm.

Included in "The world of Charlotte Moorman" envelope No.III, No. FXC0772
See also Announcements No. FX1747

Performers: G. Brecht, D. Higgins,
A. Knowles, C. Moorman, N. J. Paik, D. Roth.
Performance of the 16th October 1964
which was to be repeated in 1984 and 1994
A virtual performance most likely