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Code FXC0846   Announcement Collective

Centraal Fluxus Festival, Utrecht and Amsterdam


Exhibitions announcements and photographic documentations
at Centraal Fluxus Festival
Utrecht and Hilton Hotel, Amsterdam
October 23-26, 2003

1. Folded printed cardboard
  13,5 x 27,5 cm. (open)

2. Photographic documentation
  Colored photos, various sizes
- AY-O performing "Block guitar piece" (Robin Page)
- "Drip Music" (Brecht), No. FXM0415/10
  performer by AY-O
- Ay-O and his Tactile Boxes, No. FXPH1182
- "Shuffle", A. Knowles, No. FXM0567-4
- Concert of the Mood Engineering Society
- "In wheel chair", A. Knowles and B. Patterson
- "Fax event" by M. Shiomi, No. FX0866
- Event by T. Saito
- "Ave Maria", B. Patterson, No. FX0850
- Fluxus dinner
- Paper Music, performed A. Knowles
- Wedding Piece (J. Dupuy)
- "Solo for violin" (Paik)
- Wine chess and food chess (T. Saito)
- W. De Ridder performing "One package a day"
- B. Patterson, "Fluxus Casino"

contained in ring binder, vol. III, No. FXC0830