Beuys, Joseph / Maciunas, George and others

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Code FXC1606   Announcement Collective

Beau Geste Press


Exhibition poster, Galerie St. Petri-Archive
of Experimental and Marginal Art, Lund, Sweden
Designed by Jean Sellem and David Mayor
Red and black offset on beige paper, 41 x 30 cm

Artists: D. Albrecht, M. Alocco, Ay-O, J. Beuys, G. Chiari,
R. Filliou, D. Higgins, M. Knížák, G. Maciunas, C. Schneemann,
M. Shiomi, B. Vautier, W. Vostel, Y. Wada and others

See also "Collective posters" No. FXC1532

Exh.: 2010, São Paulo.