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Women in Fluxus & other experimental tales, Reggio Emilia


Cultural festival with events, scores and performances
at Palazzo Magnani, Reggio Emilia
Curated by Fondazione Palazzo Magnani with the collaboration of
Archivio Bonotto and PariDispari Archivio

1. "Follow Fluxus", No. FXCM0014
   Introductory events to the exhibition, Corso Garibaldi
   Reggio Emilia and Cavriago
- Program
  Folded leaflet, 15 x 44 cm. (open)
- Envelope containing nine colored photos
  by L. Sassi and F. Fontanelli
  Printed cardboard, 22.5 x 16 cm. each
- "Washed" by B. Picariello, 2012
  Collage on lining, 40 x 30 cm.
- Six white envelopes with black permanent marker's writing:
  "Tutto è arte. G. Maciunas"
  50 x 26 cm. each
- Relic of performance
  Petals and leaves of plastic flower, 11.5 x 13 cm.
- Invitation to "Cena in Blu"
  Card, 11 x 21 cm.
- Flyers of the two performances:
  "Fluxus concert: Musica in Flusso" by Philip Corner
  with Julie's Haircut and Deborah Walker,
  and "Postazione Fluxus:
  Guardare il futuro attraverso i fagioli" by Jasha Ban
- Press release
- Photographic documentation by L. Sassi and F. Fontanelli
  One CD containing fifty colored photos by F. Garghetti
- Yoko Ono's installation, "Dream: Project In Una Parola", No. 0051

2. Exposition
a. Poster, 100 x 70 cm.
   See also "Human Cello" by C. Moorman and N. J. Paik
   photo by P. Moore, No. FXCM0391 -1

b. Invitation to the exhibition's opening
  Color printed card, 10 x 21 cm.
c. Catalogue
  Cardboard box containing:
  - CD works exposed list
  - Bookmark
    Color printed card, 15 x 5 cm.
  - "Eventi Partiture Performance" plus "Antologia"
    Two books published by Skira, Milan
    pp. 220, 21 x 15 cm.
  - Re-editions curated by Fondazione Palazzo Magnani
     "Gesto e Segno", Galleria Blu, Milan, 1964, No. FXC1192
     G. Maciunas, "Fluxmail list and Fluxproducts", 1973-1975,
          No. FX0877
     G. Maciunas, "Manuscript Notations for a Diagram, 1973
     G. Maciunas, "Manifesto", 1963, No. FX0870 -2a
     G. Maciunas, "Fluxfest Sale", 1966, No. FX0273
     G. Maciunas, "FLuXuS Internationale
         FesTsPiELe NEUEsTER MUSik", 1962, No. FX1575
     G. Maciunas & others, "Festum fluxorum...", 1963, No. FX0807
     G. Maciunas, "Perpetual Fluxfest", 1965, No. FX1102
     G. Maciunas, "Fluxmanifesto", 1966, No. 0019E
     G. Maciunas, "Fluxus presents. Fluxus Symphony Orchestra
          in Fluxus Concert", 1964, No. FX1577
  Two copies
d. Press release and press review
e. Photographic documentation of the exposition's opening

3. "The Female side of FluxusMusic. The Concert", No. FX1382
    Documentation distributed during the concert:
  - Flyer
    Printed folded sheet, 29.5 x 21 cm.
    in envelope adressed to Archivio Bonotto
  - Card with text extract by "Josephine the Singer,
    or the Mouse Folk" of F. Kafka, 16 x 11.5 cm.
  - Gadget
    Needlework's set in envelope with concert's fluxus artists
    Closed, 7 x 8.5 cm.
  - Vivograph (1964), No. 1294E -2
    Work by T. Schmit
  - Video and Photographic documentation

See also No. FX1538

1. program


1."Tutto è arte"

1. relit

1."Cena in Blu"

1."Musica in Flusso" and "Guardare il futuro..."

1. press release

1. photo

1. photo

1. photo

1. photo

1. photo

1. photo

1. photo


2a. poster

2b. card

2c. all



Eventi Partiture Performance


2d. press

2e. photo

2e. photo

2e. photo

2e. photo

2e. photo

2e. photo

2e. photo

3. flyer

3. back

3. card

3. gadget

3.Vivograph (1964)