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Villa Buttafava documentations


Documentation of performances and exhibitions realized at
Villa Buttafava, Cassano Magnago, Varese

Artists performance and interviews

- Ben Patterson, June 2005, No. FXM0927
  "Midsummer night's Dream" installation
  See also Photographic documentation No. FXPH0753
- Alison Knowles, June 2006, No. FXM0983
  "Time Sample" installation and interview
  See also Photographic documentation No. FXPH0613
- Geoffrey Hendricks, June 2007, No. FXM0179
  Headstand performance and works part of the collection
- Jean-François Bory, April 2009, No, PVM0391
  Documentation of exhibition and performance


- Buttafavarte. Parco artistico di Villa Buttafava, 2014
  Exhibition catalogue
  Villa Buttafava, Cassano Magnago
  Unnumbered pages bounded by carabiner, 7.5 x 21 cm
- Parco artistico Villa Buttafava, October 2021
  Interview at Giovanni Orsini by N. Caloni
  Guided tour to the students into the
  site-specific installations
  DVD box with a USB Key
  Video length: 29'40''

Ben Patterson

Alison Knowles

Geoffrey Hendricks

Jean-François Bory


Parco artistico Villa Buttafava