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ReFluxus. Festa delle Avanguardie 1973-2006, Asolo


Photographic documentation by Ruggero Converti
and Luigi Bonotto regarding the performances
organised for "International Festival of Film on Arts:
Tribute to J. Jones, C. Moorman and N. J. Paik", Asolo
Four ring binders containing photos, scores and DVD
with photos of the performances realized during the concerts

Extraordinary concert directed by P. Corner with
twelve musicians of the Orchestra "Veneta Philharmonic"
1. Ring binder I contains:
- "A tone for Asolo" by G. Hendricks, No. FXPH0018
- "One note more-than-once:space" by P. Corner, No. FXPH0019
- "4th Finale" by P. Corner, No. FX1526-2
- "Poem for tables, chairs.." by L.M. Young, No. FXM0294
2. Ring binder II contains:
- "The seasons, Asolo: autumn" by M. Goldstein
    Twenty music scores and
    photographic documentation, No. FX1345

Extraordinary concert and procession of
B. Patterson and G. Chiari Marching Band:
3. Ring binder III contains:
- "The G. Chiari marching band" by B. Patterson, No. FXPH0007
- "Composition No.10", 1960, by L. M. Young, No. FXPH0001-2
- "Hommage to Ch. Moorman" by B. Patterson, No. FXPH0016
- "Dog symphony" by J. Jones, No. FXPH0013
- "C/S trace", 1963, by R. Watts, No. FXPH0014
- "Lettuce music..." by Bengt of Klintberg, No. FXPH0015
- "Drip music", 1959, by G. Brecht, FXM0415-11
4. Ring binder IV contains:  
- "Clothespin piece" by A. Fine, No. FXPH0006
- "Piano composition No. 9 for N. J. Paik"  
   by G. Maciunas, No. FXPH0005
- "Painting to be stepped on" by Y. Ono, No. FXPH0004
- "Zen for head" by N. J. Paik, No. FXM0409-5
- "Rainbow music No.1 for orchestra" by Ay-O, No. FXM0571-2
- "Organic music" by T. Kosugi, No. FXM0427-5
- "Duo for brass instruments" by J. Jones, No. FXM0168-5
- "Apples" by B. Vautier, No. FXM0368-2i

5. Concert program
    Directed by P. Corner
    B/w offset on paper, 29.5 x 21 cm.

1-2-3-4 Ring binders

5. Program