Friedman, Ken / Knížák, Milan

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Code FXC0810   Document Collective

Keeping Together Manifestations (1967)


Friendship and collaborative project to promote global togetherness
through written correspondence and synchronized actions

Advertisements, 1967
- Czech Republic, No. FX0538
- USA, Aktual '67, No. FX1166 -13

- Documentations, 1966, No. FX0538
  Document of Aktual, Prague
  Five taped photocopies, 21.5 x 29.5 cm.
  Copy with a translate in Italian
  PDF files

Press report, Sept. 1, 2015
"Milan Knížák and Ken Friedman:
Keeping Together Manifestations in a Divided World"
Published by Post - Notes on modern &
contemporary art around the globe
Edited by Tomáš Pospiszyl
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Czech Republic

USA - 1

USA - 2

USA - 3

USA - 4

Document of Aktual, Prague



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