Cage, John Milton Jr. / Giorno, John / Heidsieck, Bernard

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Sugar, Alcohol, & Meat. The Dial-A-Poem Poets


Published by Giorno Poetry Systems
Two 12" vinyl record

Audio program notes:
a. Vinyl 1
      Side A
    - Peter Gordon, "Extract From "External Niceties"
    - John Giorno, "I Resign Myself To Being Here"
    - John Cage, "Alex & Gretchen Corazzo"
    - John Cage, "The 6th Patriach Of Zen Buddhism"
    - John Cage, "Once I was visiting my aunt Marge"
    - John Cage, "Dorothy Invited me"
    - John Cage, "One Of Suzuki's"
    - Tom Carey, "Good Night Irene"
    - Andreí Vosnesensky, "I am Goya"
    - Andreí Vosnesensky, "Song Of Moscow ancient church bells"
      Length: 28'42"
      Side B
    - Miguel Pinero, "New York City Hard Times Blues"
    - Miguel Algarin, "Setenta Y Cinco Abriles"
    - Mitchelle Kreigman, "In The Bathtub"
    - William S. Burroughs, "I was traveling wth the intolerable kid
       on the nova lark (From Nova Express)"
    - William S. Burroughs Jr., "Translucent boy, an excellent time
      & for neal cassidy"
    - Charlie Morrow "O Yeh - Don't Die"
    - Ted Berrigan, "To Jack Kerouac"
      Length: 29'42"

b. Vinyl 2
      Side A
    - Charlotte Carter, "Six Months In Brooklyn"
    - Patti Smith, "Parade"
    - Cliff Fyman, "Coffee"
    - Robin Messing, "3 Subway Poems (From "Temporary Worker")"
    - Paul Violi, "Whalefeathers"
    - Bob Holman, "Rap It up"
    - Allen Ginsberg, "C.I.A. Dope Calypso"
    - Anne Waldman, "Lady Tactics"
    - John Ashbery, "Litany"
    - Beth Anderson, "I Can't stand it"
    - Rene Ricard, "Rene Ricard famous at 20"
      Lenght: 30'26"
      Side B
     - Barbara Barg, "Chicks"
     - Ned Sublette, "Nice Young Mormons"
     - Kathy Acker, "I was walking down the street
       (One of the fairytales the whores of Montmartre tell each other
       to put each other to sleep after a hard nights work In
       "The adult life of Toulouse Lautrec")"
     - Eileen Myles, "Lorna & Vicki"
     - Barbara Barg, "So fine, with Chassler"
     - Didi Susan Dubelyew, "Who needs exercise"
     - Rochelle Kraut, "New born sleep"
     - Gary Snyder, "What you should know to be a poet"
     - Daniela Gioseffi, "Eggs"
     - Regina Beck, "Message from confucius"
     - Bernard Heidsieck, "Canal Street"
     - Charles Bernstein, "Wall As"
     - Steve McCaffery, "Viking Log (Part 2)"
     - Ron Padgett, "Zzzzz"
       Lenght: 31'36"


a. Side A

a. Side B

b. Side A

b. Side B