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Some Time in New York City / Live Jam


1. Audio
    Published by Apple Records, London, 1972
    Two 12'' vinyl records

a. "Some Time in New York City"    
     Audio program notes:
   - Lennon/Ono, "Woman is the Nigger of The World"
     Length: 5'17"    
   - Ono, "Sisters, o Sisters"
     Length: 3'48"                
   - Lennon/Ono, "Attica State"  
     Length: 2'55"                      
   - Ono, "Born in a Prison"
     Length: 4'05"                    
   - Lennon, "New York City"    
     Length: 4'32"                
   - Lennon/Ono, "Sunday Bloody Sunday"
     Length: 5'03"                
   - Lennon/Ono, "The Luck of the Irish"  
     Length: 2'59"            
   - Lennon, "John Sinclair"
     Length: 3'30"                    
   - Lennon/Ono, "Angela"  
     Length: 4'08"                          
   - Ono, "We're All Water"
     Length: 5'19"
Side 1 and 2: John and Yoko / Plastic Ono Band
with Elephants Memory and Invisible Strings

b. "Live Jam"
     Audio program notes:
   - Lennon,"Cold Turkey"
     Length: 8'35"                          
   - Ono, "Don't Worry Kyoko"  
     Length: 15'20"            
   - Walter Ward, "Well (Baby Please Don't Go)"  
     Length: 4'33"      
   - Lennon/Ono, "Listen the Snow is falling"
     Length: 3'08"                              

Cover with a drawing by L. Lennon
Side 1 and 2: John and Yoko/Plastic Ono Band, with
The Mothers of Invention and star studded east of thousans!

2. Published by Parlophone, UK, 2005
   Audio CD
   Audio program notes:
   - "Woman is the Nigger of The World"  
   - "Sisters, o Sisters"                  
   - "Attica State"                    
   - "Born in a Prison"                    
   - "New York City"                    
   - "Sunday Bloody Sunday"              
   - "The Luck of the Irish"          
   - "John Sinclair"                  
   - "Angela"                        
   - "We're All Water"
      Bonus track            
   - "Listen the Snow is falling"
   - "Happy Xmas (War is over)"  

3. Songbook
    Published by Maclen Music, Inc. from ATV-Kirshner
    Music Group
    Softcover, spilled, pp.56, 30.4 x 23 cm.
    Contains graphics and arrangements for 8 songs:
    Angela, Attica State, Cold Turkey, John Sinclair,
    The Luck Of The Irish, New York City, Sunday
    Bloody Sunday, Woman Is The Nigger Of The World

Exh.: 2007, Treviso ; 2012, Chiasso.

Bibl.: "John Lennon: Drawings, Performances, Films, exhibition catalogue at Kunsthalle Bremen 1995, p. 198; "Sognare", exhibition catalogue, Museo Santa Caterina, Treviso, 2007.