Ono, Yoko / Lennon, John

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Code FXCM0622   Audio Collective

Wedding Album


Published by Rykodisc, USA, 1997
Audio CD contain booklet
with texts and photos

Audio program notes:
- "John & Yoko"
   Length: 2'03"
- "Amsterdam"
   Length: 24'54"
- "Who Has Seen The Wind?"
   Length: 2'03"
- "Listen, The Snow Is Falling"
   Length: 3'22"
- "Don't Worry Kyoko (Mummy's Only
   Lookin For Her Hand in The Snow)"
   Length: 2'14"

Produced by J. Lennon and Y. Ono
Remastered by G. Marino and
R. Stevens, New York

See also "Let's have a dream", No. FX1547
and "Bed-in for a Peace", No. FXPH0650 -1

Bibl.: "Yoko Ono. Half-a-wind show. A Retrospective", exhibition catalogue, New York, 2013, p.172